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#1 01-10-2009 09:59:28

Registered: 17-11-2006
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Accommodation available in London

dear all,

Any one coming to London for study, work and want some accommodation please contact the person at

Single Room, Double room, Shared rooms are available all the time. located with an easy access of public transport.



#2 06-02-2012 11:46:54


Re: Accommodation available in London

We’ll be doing a bit of lguangae practice at our next meeting…perhaps you’d like to teach us some of the songs….?

#3 04-05-2014 03:43:26


Re: Accommodation available in London

andapplications. They always spell-check, prerfooad, and allow oneother person to prerfooad their applications and essay for errors.Successful students do not ignore scholarships that may be local orthose for small amounts. Scholarship amounts, even as small as$50, can add up.Successful students do not rely on only one source such as theInternet for their scholarship search. They use many resources.Many scholarships on the Internet or in the free scholarshipsearches that you find on the World Wide Web are nationally knownand are harder to win due to greater competition. Local and regionalscholarships are not found as easily through an Internet search,although they may be easier to win because the applicant pool issmaller. You have to use a combination of resources to find asmany scholarships to apply for as possible.Successful students market themselves well. In their applications,they highlight positive aspects about their lives, especiallycommunity involvement.Successful students do not apply to one or two scholarships andwait for the best. They apply for all scholarships they are eligible towin. They keep applying until the total they have won exceeds whatthey need to pay for the college they want to attend or until theygraduate with a degree.Successful students are organized. They keep track of deadlinesand materials required to complete an application.Successful students are well rounded. They participate inextracurricular and community activities. They write about theseactivities in scholarship and college essays in a descriptivemanner. They try to benefit others as well as themselves with theextracurricular and community activities in which they are involved.Successful students understand that SAT scores and grades alonedo not win most scholarships. Scholarship programs look at manyfactors such as community activities, leadership, presentation ofyour application package, special or unusual talents or skills, etc.Successful students do not look for the easy way out. It is harder forthem to believe in a scholarship scam that promises to do all thework for them. They understand that those things for which we workhardest often bring the greatest rewards. Hard work in thescholarship process as a high school student could result in aneasy college life without work later, or a loan-free life after college.Avoid These Most Common Mistakes Made on College and ScholarshipApplications1.        Not following directions2.        Missing the deadline3.        Not typing your application or sending in a sloppy application4.        Forgetting to spell check and to prerfooad after you spell check5.        Not including information such as a transcript or recommendation6.        Not answering the essay question or another question asked.

#4 20-06-2014 02:16:12

Senior Member
Registered: 29-05-2014
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Re: Accommodation available in London

I took the admission in university of east London. And Iím coming to London after few months and this would be beneficial for me. I must appreciate to the information of administrator that he has provided here. Hope youíll provide some further information related to accommodation out of London.

Thinking to enjoy the best from la bus tours.


#5 20-06-2014 08:12:02

From: Australia
Registered: 20-06-2014
Posts: 1

Re: Accommodation available in London

Excellent. heya generally spell-check, prerfooad, and allow oneother man.


#6 04-06-2015 03:52:57


Re: Accommodation available in London

Dear sir                         respected sir as i ccaantt before iwant to make more information for you about me iam Abdihakin mohamed muse iam one of the student in camp refugee of sheder(eastern Ethiopia)iam flea from the civil war existed in somalia my age is 18 there is difucult sitution for me becouse of what? I orphan my father died in somalia 2006  and my family are poor and my mother doestnt afford to paid school fees or universal fees in this time iam the oldest child in my family we are 9 children others are smaller than me and my mother confused how to adminstring that family  with difucult sitution if i continue my problem it is very difucult for me to live in this camp becouse sometimes ifeel illness when i chacked my health the doctors answered that you are good but you cant adapt the climate of this camp so we are advised to change this climate so that one my greatest problem that i my self confused so iam requesting schlorship in abroad and that one of my problem and iam requested sclorship agensy to suport for me how to manage with my vulnerable family and also in my future.        I my self ilike education and iwant to gratuate  up to university i realy want to study in canada,usa,finlandorother europe.And ihave good result from begining of my school up to now in my grade 10 igot national exam of ethiopia 85%  my grade 11 igot 86% and ihope in my grade 12 much better result. So iam requesting again and again to supor me how to suport my youngerchildren icant conclude my problem so iam requesting again and again to give me sclorship apportunity as a kindly and brotherwoodly if you supor me God will suport you so response us much as posible..   By and good lucky                                yours Sincerly.

#7 10-11-2015 11:22:01


Re: Accommodation available in London

Hello How are you?I from iran & my age is 19 years. i have Invention.Its about Monorail ,Train and Subway.This invention has benifetsReducing energy consumption is the most important benefit.It also benifets from health.Does your Company or University offers scholarships to me?I have other plans for inventions.

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