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#1 25-01-2013 09:15:46

From: New yeark
Registered: 14-01-2013
Posts: 3

voice broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting
InterCloud9's Enterprise Voice Broadcasting system works by leveraging the power of our first in class cloud calling and automated dialing technology to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential contacts at once. Our industry leading automated message delivery system and live lead transfer platform plays your pre-recorded message each and every time, without human mistakes or deviations. Whether your your looking drive interested prospects to your sales floor, a political candidate running for office, school official reaching out to parents about up coming events or a government agency needing to deliver critical information in real-time interCloud9 has the voice broadcasting solution you need.


#2 02-03-2013 23:31:15

Registered: 02-03-2013
Posts: 1

Re: voice broadcasting

InterCloud9's Predictive Dialer and call center solution provides industry leading dialing capabilities and a robust call distribution platform which handles both inbound and outbound calling capabilities. Our Cloud Based Calling Solution provides an integrated CRM, first in class reporting, call recording and a real time agent monitoring system for remote multi user environments.

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#3 30-03-2013 10:48:51

Senior Member
Registered: 30-03-2013
Posts: 16

Re: voice broadcasting

I think that this information is the best.


#4 04-05-2014 17:02:00


Re: voice broadcasting

Huh. It looks like the fellow did a lot of back and forth in his tvlreas. At 1,000 he was somewhere in Gansu. At 2,000 he was  somewhere in Gansu. Gansu is long, but it is not 1,000 Km long. The longest way indeed.

#5 06-05-2014 00:19:10


Re: voice broadcasting

I don't usually post on blogs but had to on yours. You have a very dicitnsitve writing style. A lot of people don't have that touch, they just drone on and on in the most boring way. But not you   thanks! Thanks again!

#6 10-11-2015 11:16:16


Re: voice broadcasting

Hi CecilieI believe i may know you from London in the 80s, i might be wrong but did you live there arunod that time? If its the same person great to talk to you   if not sorry and love the naked cantonese podcasts. I am making good use of these as i try to learn cantonese. My wife is from Kowloon, and we have been there 3 times   most recently this christmas. We live in new zealand, which whilst beautiful doesn't quite live up to the big city feel of hong kong, its a small place with a small population.Anyway, how much is your book? And do you still teach canton? I am learning off a woman who lives in Toronto via Skype, which is great. But would appreciate a lesson from the master if you have time some time.Ok joi gin! And jou tauGiu ngo aa hei si kaaCarl Hayes

#7 10-11-2015 11:43:26


Re: voice broadcasting

Leih hou!!!I have been a bad canto supporter and not sdteiud for a long time, but I'm back on the case now.  Glad you went to the demonstration in Guangzhou and thank you for the consulatory cantorap.  I actually got the nursery rhyme reference.  I'm still hip! Hopefully back in HK for CNY, would be good to meet for a writing lesson.  Are your prices still the same?  xx

#8 10-11-2015 11:55:09


Re: voice broadcasting

I think it should be part of the OS 3.0 as well.  In anewsr to kjbaker's thoughts; Apple are marketing this not just as a phone maybe not even primarily as a phone, but as a device that meets most of your digital needs from browsing, email, mapping, gps, geocaching, media, ipod,productivity, creativity, gaming and checking to see if that shelf really is level.  Thats what we bought into, that what we pay a premium for.  I would agree that a supplier is not obligated to keep their products updated indefinately, but Iphone users have been backed into a corner.  Like many of you I bought my 3G on the day of release and signed up to the obligatory 18 months contract with the carrier.  I would happily buy the 3GS and take another 18 months if the cost of opting out of the contract was not so high.  So ok, I am not a kid, I can wait 6 months for the new hardware, but then what?   6 months after that Apple release Iphone 4 and I then need to wait 12 months to get out this contract, or pay a stupid amount to break contract again?So thats where the frustration comes, Apple clearly left Voice control out to entice upgrades, but we are unable to upgrade any time soon, and when we do we have a worse scenario awaiting us further down the line.

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