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Home / Documentation / Offer Letter For Admission

Offer letter for Admission

Resource for the latest information of Offer letter for Admission. It contains useful information of Offer letter for Admission along with guide to Study Abroad, Universities, Scholarships, Application Documentation, Student Visa process and Student Life.

Offer letter for Admission

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Offer letter must be unconditional otherwise application will not be accepted by FedEx or BHC. Only students of A or O level and London University external school can have relaxation if their awaiting results and session in UK starts in the same days. They can apply with conditional offer letter (if the condition on their offer letter is regarding awaiting result) and produce the evidence of their awaiting result later or at the time of interview in BHC.

There is one very much important aspect about the offer letter that should be clarified. It has been widely discussed but this seminar provided the bottom line. It is important to remember that what BHC requires is an unconditional letter, nothing else. And if the university u obtained admission from is asking u to submit full fee, partial fee, assessment fee, application fee, accommodation fee or any kind of other fee before accepting u as a student and it issued a conditional letter on the basis of these fees then this condition must be met to get an unconditional offer. Some universities ask to submit fee in advance cuz lots of students go to UK and skip there without even informing the university that they are unable to take the classes hence causing unfilled student place and loss to the university.

Entry Clearance Officer at BHC does not care whether u have submitted any fee to the university or not or how much, what he cares about is whether u have met the condition stated in the offer letter from the university and got and “UNCONDITIONAL OFFER LETTER” whether in the form of submitting some fee or providing English Language Proficiency proof. So its up to you which institute or university u choose, the one who does not ask any fee before registration/enrollment after physical entrance in UK or the one who asks to submit some fee before issuing acceptance letter. Choice is yours. My personal suggestion is u should go for the one which does not require any fee cuz submitting 1000-5000 (sometimes full fee) without the assurance of visa is not a wise decision. And if u r wealthy enough to care for this amount, my advice is please ask the university about the refund scenario in case of visa rejection.

And if the university is not asking any fee and has given u unconditional offer, and if, then, u submit some fee or full to the university, it does not make ur case strong or adds extra value to your visa application.

Bottom line: In the presence of unconditional offer letter, submission of any kind of fee (if not required by the university) does not make ur case strong or extra valued and not submitting any fee (if submission of fee is not required by the university) does not adds negativity t the approval of ur visa.

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