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Home / Higher Education / Study In Uk / Undergraduate Studies In Uk

Undergraduate Studies In UK

Resource for the latest information of Undergraduate Studies In UK. It contains useful information of Undergraduate Studies In UK along with guide to Study Abroad, Universities, Scholarships, Application Documentation, Student Visa process and Student Life.

Undergraduate Studies In UK

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Undergraduate degrees in the UK are usually referred to as 'Bachelor Degrees'. The more common ones include the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in languages, arts and social sciences, the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in scientific based subjects and the Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) for technical and engineering related fields.

Generally speaking, a degree course lasts for three years, though there are some exceptions to that rule. An exception is the University of Buckingham (an accredited independent institution) which offer a two­year degree programme of very intensive study. Professional courses like I Architecture, Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Sciences can take between I five and seven years. Modern language courses usually involve a year aborad between your second and third year of study.

Some business and management based degrees operate as 'sandwich' courses, giving you the opportunity to spend time gaining real experience in the workplace.
In Scotland, ordinary or general degree courses last three years. The broad-based honours degree takes four years although access directly into second or third year is sometimes possible for suitably qualified candidates.

Opportunities for further studies in Britain have increased with the number of universities going up consequent upon the former polytechnics acquiring the status of universities and the power to award their own degrees. As such these universities now offer a much wider range of subjects at many more levels of study.

Undergraduate degrees are offered by 3 kinds of institutions in the U.K:

(1) Universities
(2) Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education
(3) Degree awarding colleges.

There is also a wide choice of courses:

(a) Single honours - One subject studies within which specialist options are offered.

(b) Joint honours - involves the study of two separate but equal subjects which may be related or even unrelated (e.g. Business Management and Chemistry).

(c) Combined honours - usually requires the study of several subjects which mayor may not be related, often narrowing to two or three subjects as the course progresses.

(d) Major or minor - e.g. Business Management with Media Studies in which Business Management is major and Media Studies minor.

(e)Sandwich courses - offered in subjects like Engineering, Hotel and Catering etc. These courses entail working on a project or assignment in the industry for a short period as part of the course.

All degrees, whether offered by universities, institutes of higher education or by colleges, are regarded as being of equally high standard.

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