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Ways to Find Scholarship

Resource for the latest information of Ways to Find Scholarship. It contains useful information of Ways to Find Scholarship along with guide to Study Abroad, Universities, Scholarships, Application Documentation, Student Visa process and Student Life.

Ways to Find Scholarship

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The best season to search for Scholarships and apply is from August to March. Starting from the basics, I want to share some ways to search for opportunities:
  1. Join some good scholarship news letters. News letters are best for getting the easiest access to opportunities. I use some like "iSTGW" and "Maldinfo", you can search these on google. These also help in getting information regarding conferences and call for papers for international research publications which you can make to upgrade you CV and your worth to get funding and admissions world-wide.

    However, as this is the easiest way, it is also limited... Remember, the opportunities where competetion is minimum are most likely to help one,
    but as news letter announce most common oportunities, the competetion in these is fierce.

  2. Look at some universities' websites which free of charge, provide updates of international scholarships and fundings available e.g. you can go to " pk" and under the tab "International Scholarship Updates" you'll find almost every scholarship offer...

  3. For good chances of approvals, search university websites on regional basis. e.g. I look for major universities of France on Wiki-Pedia like sites, and visit individual websites for opportunity anouncements. I must mention here that a lot of you selection chances depend on the opportunity you searched for... Means most of the time, everyone is not a top most candidate like 4.0/4.0 CGPA... so if you find the programs and offers which are not much advertised.. . they will provide you great chances of selection

  4. Always look for eligibility criterions first. Why to wast time if you cannot apply in the end?

    Feel free to contact the web-coordinators of universities, they are there to help us out regarding relaxations in eligibility criterion. e.g. the min. limit of GPA for a certain program is 2.8 and yours is 2.7 but you have 2 research publications, then ask the coordinator and there are chances you'll be allowed for the certain program

  5. In Europe, I would recomment that for those looking for a scholarship, avoid wasting much time for UK universities. .. as living costs in UK are very high and the fundings provided by universities are hardly as much as 4500 Pounds... and the eligibility criterion for the funding is very strict. However, if you have some institutional or departmental funding, UK is just much fine...

  6. Remember the unwritten law..."Wandering gives a lot of knowledge" try to surf the web, university websites, forums, discussions, join grous, talk to people, develop relations on the web on forums like
    SAATFASE ... this helps to know about things just well in time... Google is your friend in your journey of search...

  7. Always remember, as I have been through this as well, there are certain universities in Europe which waive the requirement of IELTS/TOEFL off for the students who have an educational background in English, which is the case in Pakistan mostly. If your department of your home university gives you a letter testifying that you have enough knowledge of English as a medium of instruction, you are through in most of the cases.

    Free Download IELTS Preparation Material

    If you are sucessfull in getting IELTS/TOEFL waived off, this will help you to save upto Rs. 12000

Wish you good luck in finding a best scholarship for your study.

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