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Life in UK

Resource for the latest information of Life in UK. It contains useful information of Life in UK along with guide to Study Abroad, Universities, Scholarships, Application Documentation, Student Visa process and Student Life.

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Life in UK

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For those who have delved deeper, there is the knowledge of a rich multi-cultural environment set against a landscape of wonderful views, seascapes, meadows, and skylines. But what are often taken completely for granted are the UK's biggest assets of all - an education system that is one of the most respected in the world, and a language that is one of the most important mediums of communication on the planet.

Language learning and general education offer one of the best ways for getting to know a country, and one of the most rewarding experiences available for overseas visitors is to combine their stay in the United Kingdom with a course of study at a state University or College. This is particularly so given recent developments instigated by the British Government, whose aim is to encourage more overseas students to visit by simplifying visa regulations and allowing greater access to work permits.

Perhaps one of the most attractive extras in studying at a British university or college is the opportunity for contact with British students, and the chance to experience real British campus life. With excellent sports facilities, both on campus and close by, clubs and societies catering for a range of interests, the campuses stay alive and busy during the evenings and weekends with lots of social and sporting activities arranged by the students for the students. This always proves to be an excellent way to meet British students and use the English learned in the classroom in real contexts, as not only are there all the advantages of being in a country where the language is spoken, but learning is faster and more thorough as the student's language study is linked to real experience and friendship with other English speakers. However, campuses are also meeting places for all kinds of people from all over the world, so one is given a unique opportunity to make contacts and friends from around the globe, all via the medium of English.

Although it is important to choose a college or university that offers good social and sports facilities, it is really the academic facilities that students come for. State institutions offer very high standards with excellent learning resources, from large well-stocked libraries to computer suites, language laboratories and quality media facilities. State colleges and universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all regularly inspected by the government to ensure high standards generally, but many of those particularly interested in attracting students wishing to learn English are also members of BASELT (British Association of State English Language Teaching). To become a member of BASELT the college or university has to undergo another in-depth inspection by the British Council; everything from classrooms and teaching, sports and social facilities to campus and homestay accommodation is thoroughly assessed.

Many students come for a holiday, and to improve and use the general English they have already learned, but also to obtain a recognized English Language qualification, to practice and learn English-related to specific needs so as to enhance their career prospects, to improve their English whilst studying an academic, vocational or professional subject, or to use the English language course to reach the required linguistic standard for entry to British Higher Education. The choice is enormous and covers summer courses, English for Academic Purposes, examination courses for FCE, IELTS, and TOEFL, International Teacher courses, Business English and General English courses from beginner to advanced.

BASELT colleges and universities also offer students the opportunity to study another subject in addition to English. Whether the student's aspiration is enjoyment, academic study, career enhancement or learning a new skill, the range of subjects available to them alongside their English studies is huge. This 'English Plus' can include vocational subjects such as Art, Hairdressing and Beauty therapy, Hotel and Catering, Business Studies, Information Technology, Accounting, Building and Civil Engineering, Journalism, Psychology and Sports studies, as well as a large range of academic subjects. Some institutions offer guaranteed progression to a degree programme on successful completion of a 'Foundation' or 'Access' course. All are taught by experienced qualified lecturers and inspected and approved by assessors on behalf of the British Government.

With so much to choose from, decisions can be difficult, but again, there are facilities within all British colleges and universities to help. All have patient, helpful and expert educational counselors to help with any academic problems or with planning for future studies. If students wish to go on to Undergraduate or Post-graduate studies in the UK, full advice will be available and a specialized course can be identified which will suit the student's requirement. If students need help in applying for their next course, there is always someone to advise, guide and help them.

Of course, campus life is not only for young people. British universities and colleges are now attracting many more mature students back into education, so professional people from overseas who wish to improve their English will feel at home in a College or University atmosphere. But whether the student is 17 or 57, quality of service, quality of teaching and quality of facilities is of the utmost importance. The challenging environment provided by British institutions will bring new friends, new experiences, provide a proven route to successful language learning and an encounter with a different way of life.

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