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Living and Working in Germany

Resource for the latest information of Living and Working in Germany. It contains useful information of Living and Working in Germany along with guide to Study Abroad, Universities, Scholarships, Application Documentation, Student Visa process and Student Life.

Living and Working in Germany

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1 - Every foriegner living in germany needs a workpermit (Arbeitserlaubnis) for a job. Without that workpermit u cant work legally and the only option left for you will be Illegal jobs which are very hard to find (speically in areas with high employement rate and small cities where there isnt much industry) and are very bad paid. The laws about issuing workpermit for students differs from state to state like in some states students are allowed to work 3 months / year in semester vaccation and also upto 10 Hrs. per week during their Studies.

where in other States like "aden Wuttemberg" and "Bavariya" studnets are only allowed to work during semester vaccation and they cant persue a part time Job. I dont know exactly whats the case with Dresden and the State(Thueringen) where it lies.

2 - Now for those 10 Hours Part time work permit you again will have to go through a lot of Bearucracy and will have to look for a employer who is willing to hire you part time ,than that employer will assure the local Workpermit Authority (called Arbeitsamt) that he is willing to hire u for so and so period and what will be the nature of ur work than the Arbeitsamt will check if there is anyother german/ Europen Union appliciant who can fulfil those requirements of that Job.If that will be the case they will deny ur application for workpermit and will try to promote the local german appliciant.(Thats the case with mostly Labour are small jobs for which no specific skills are required like Factory/resturant work ..e.t.c)coz there are too many unemloyeed and unqualified germans looking for such small jobs (speically in East Germany).

3 - To work 3 months in semester Vaccation u wont need any Specific workpermit, that will be written on ur visa that u can work 3 months during semester vaccations. In some companies u will need to show a letter from university that from which date -till which date are ur semester vaccations. That was some description of the labor laws for students. Now let me come to on the ground situation.

A)Normally there are 2 semesterbreaks in summer(2 months) and winter(1 month) but in most Universities Exams take place in these Semester vaccations, so it gets hard some time to decide wether to go for a job or concentrate on ur upcoming exams. Before 2 years it
was not that difficult for students find a job in Semester vaccation and earn enough money to live the rest of year (most studnets living in East germany were use to Make some saving this way)but since past 2 years its getting very difficult even in west. Because of recession and down Economy many big firms didnt hire any students at all this vaccation. I know many friends who are having a hard time finding a Job.

B)I again am not trying to discourage any of you nor i am suggesting that Eduaction level in east geramny is bad i am just trying to explain things from an average middle class students point of view who will need to support himself without anyother help. I am just trying to narrate my own personal experiece and opinion here and trying to make things more visible and clearer to all of you who will have to face it in realiy.

As i said above the situation in East Germany is even more miserable. These are the reasons which make a student life harder and extend ur study duration. I will advise all of you who are planning to go to East germany without any scholrship or financial support from family to apply in other universities in West germany (speically in Big cities coz its relatively easier to get a job and survive there),so that u can transfer or change University after arriving here. Rest depends on ur luck and circumstances u wil get into. If you will have to finance ur study by yourself You MUST make ur mind and be aware that it will take much longer than the regular study duration.

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